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Who are the members of your band and what are their musical backgrounds?
Errol Sammut (Frontman/Guitar)  band front-man & main songwriter. Errol’s hard rock influence sent him in the direction of several rock bands before forming the band, Airport Impressions. Winning Hard Rock Café battle of the bands years ago with the heavy sounding Sourmash, he veered to a more songwriting and lyric injected path where he could spread a message through various stories and songs. The major influences being Johnny Cash, Nirvana, Guns n Roses, Pearl Jam, Audioslave, and many more, the songs emanate from totally diverse directions and as he likes to say..“ I don’t like sticking to one genre, one form of musical venture. I rather write in the direction the current mood pulls me in…”Daniel Genius ( bass) singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist & producer has been active in the Maltese music scene since the late 90s. Fronting the band Bitterside for most of his career, Daniel has composed two full-length albums, had number one songs in the local charts on the most prestigious local radio stations, won the Best Band Award twice (at the Bay Radio Music Awards 2004 & 2006) and was also nominated for the Best Song-Writer Award at the Malta Music Awards. After the end of Bitterside, Daniel settled down on the bass guitar and formed the band The Voyage a band that although having a short lifetime, has spun some good songs. Recently Daniel has taken over bass & backing vocals duties with Malta’s top band Airport Impressions. Daryl Curmi ( Drums), drummer and percussionist, has been in the local music scene since his early grunge band days in 2005 with a group of friends and his twin brother, Chris who played bass in the same band. Following a long period with the then locally popular, Eve Ransom, with whom he was nominated for three years in several local music awards as well as performing in Germany, he joined Bletchley Park for a brief touring period, taking him to London at the famous Dublin Castle in Camden. The following year he joined local Eurovision winner, and solo artist, Claudia Faniello with whom he performed in several local festivals and music videos. During this time he and bass player Daniel Genuis created The Voyage, a four-man lineup with heavy alternative influences. Daryl joined Airport Impressions in 2017 as the band’s drummer and percussionist and has been performing since. Ryan Magro (Guitar) a guitar player with hard rock influences such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Audioslave, Led Zeppelin, and others, is known for being a songwriter, performer, and producer in the local music scene. Studying music thoroughly with a well respected Maltese mentor, Tony Pace, Ryan has been involved with various artists, both on stage and in the studio. Playing alongside local solo pop star, Claudia Faniello for several years, Ryan has now focused more on his roots, which are heavily rock-oriented. Joining Errol Sammut (Airport Impressions) in the writing, production, and charity release of “Burton’s Song” for Autism Awareness in 2017, the two went on to work together also on the upcoming Airport Impressions album. This led to Ryan becoming a very active member in the band not just as the main guitar player, but also as an avid songwriter.

How long have you been in the music industry? Since 2005. The origin of Airport Impressions can be traced back to Errol and Johann’s acoustic project and a fruitful six month stay in Ireland back in 2005. The origin of Airport Impressions can be traced back to Errol and Johann’s acoustic project and a fruitful six month stay in Ireland back in 2005. Then known as Riverstone, the two of them infiltrated the local live circuit with their rousing acoustic sets, garnering weekly residencies in key music venues as well as a regular audience that followed them from gig to gig. At some point, however, Riverstone became too small a vehicle for their broader musical aspirations. It was time to aim for bigger things, and that laid down the foundation for what was to become Airport Impressions, a name was inspired by those feelings which most people tend to experience while waiting at the airport. Behind the name, the acoustic set-up was boosted with a more conventional lineup.

Tell me a funny story that has happened to you as you have traveled to play.
The final night of our 2016 UK Tour and we were playing Stramash in Edinburgh. Killer night, great crowd and ended on such a high, since kicking off the tour playing Mid stock Festival. Half the band left the venue to grab the vehicle parked in the garage. The other behind to break down the set, merch table, and meet the band. Quite a long wait for the car and the guys were nervous as they were not answering their phones. We headed to the garage only to find the gate was closed and locked down and the guys yelling they were locked inside!! Not quite sure how we managed to get the steel gate up, but we couldn’t miss our flights back home to Malta!  

Where would you like to be in five years?
A household name and touring the world.

Do you have any new releases coming out? Our new single “Standing      There” is coming out on 4th October through Sony Orchard. Standing There is essentially a love song and a thank you note to someone who is there to pick you up when you’re broken and beaten down by the hectic life we lead. When you’re close to losing it, there is someone who is there for you. Someone who, as the song goes, is ‘strong…full of hope’. The song is an overdue thank you to my special someone who helps me deal with my demons. (Daniel Genius) We are excited for this to be our final single release for the year      and preparing for a new album for 2020

What is your upcoming performance schedule?  The band is coming off a successful      Summer season with playing quite a few festivals including- Drumfest,      Delicata Wine Fest, Craft Beer Festival, and our final show September 20th     at Fontana Wine Festival.

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Airport Impressions


 Airport Impressions - Star Signs


Airport Impressions - Standing There (Official Music Video)