Cait Devin

1. Who are the members of your band and what are their musical backgrounds?
I'm not in a band at the moment, but the members of my previous band and I get together (now and then) for bigger shows that require a backing band. They are all incredible, but ultimately we have all chosen separate paths as artists, but I will always appreciate and respect them.

1. How long have you been in the music industry?
I started getting active in the industry when I was 15. That was when I started booking my shows.

2. How long have you been performing under your present name?
Ever since I started! 

3. What genre would you call your music?
A blend of rock, indie, and alternative pop. 

4. Who are your major influences?
I have a wide range of influences but off the top of my head, I have to say, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and The Cranberries. 

6. How old were you when you started following a musician’s path?
Very young. I've been singing all my life but started taking vocal lessons at the Clinton Academy of Arts at age 10. 

7. Tell me a funny story that has happened to you like you.
God, there's too many. At a bowling alley I played once, I brought my electric and acoustic (as playing both was a key part of my set for every show, still is most of the time.) and when I started playing electric, one rude man in the crowd said: "play the acoustic again, you're so much more mellow with it, this is TOO MUCH." He continued to pester me throughout the set, and afterward, as I always try to be the bigger person, when he was talking to me I reached out to shake his hand, only to see that it was COMPLETELY covered in some sort of black, chalky, disgusting dust. I will never forget that. LOL. 

9. Where would you like to be in five years?
Hopefully touring the world doing what I love still, meeting new people, and getting my tunes out there more! 

10. What inspires you to write?

11. What is your philosophy of life and how does it affect your music?
"It is what it is." On the outside I am very carefree, go with the flow kind of person most of the time. My music is where I can feel vulnerable and is the place I can pour my emotion and feelings into. 

12. Please add the names of the places you have played and the city they are in.
In Nashville, I have played Kimbros, (which, I highly recommend every musician play there, it's technically outside of Nash in Franklin, but it's pretty iconic) Belcourt Taps, The Row, The Commodore, and more- In NYC I've played Shrine and Silvana, soon to play Rockwood Music Hall, to name a few. I'm super stoked! 

13. Do you have any causes that tug at your heartstrings, or that you support? Abused pets, world peace organization, save the whales, etc....
All of that stuff tugs my heartstrings- I think there are things we could all be doing better as human beings to make the world a little better for everyone and everything. Life is all about perspective and I think we all need to be a little more enlightened on the fact that consideration for those around you is key. It's what society relies on.

14. Do you have any new releases coming out?
Aside from the new album, I have some guitar instrumentals that are in the works that I've been planning for a while (and still planning.) Being a guitarist is something that I find essential to my music and the making of it, so doing side projects like that where I can sit down and play with different styles helps me improve and discover new ways of writing. Announcements on all projects coming soon! 

15. What is your upcoming performance schedule?
Well, with the state the world is in right now, a majority of my shows got canceled for good reason. But, I believe my show at Piggy Pats Smoke & Ale House in New Hartford NY is still on for June 5th, and I will be at Rockwood Music Hall on June 14th. All show updates to come are solo acoustic and will be listed on my website and other social media.

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Cait Devin


 Skinny Love - Vanic / Guitar Remix


Cait Devin at the Wilde Rep Theatre I Full live set