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This will be a weekly web show. It will include interviews with musicians and other people from all walks of life about music and world issues that concern us all. Also we will be discussing how we can live our lives in a more positive way to overcome the corporate, political, and media programming and manipulation that keep us divided and conquered; keeping us fighting with each other as they get deeper and deeper into our wallets and lives.  

ABOUT SCHEDULING - I have been doing this since 2014- I know how hard it is to get Independent Musicians to get anything done on time especially because you are not paid or contracted - We in the independent music industry choose not to get into that money-driven life for this very reason - living on the schedules of the money people burns us out and makes the music more about the money than the music.

When one is driven by money and forced to produce because the money people need new material to market the quality of the music suffers. So - Let's take it slowly. Let's build something meaningful - together, on our terms.

I will start a page for just interviews soon, I have a lot from the past I can post. The new interviews will be different.  Just because we, people who are more about the music than the money, are not wired to live the "Successful" Idea, the "Professional, Corporate" structure does not mean we can't be successful. It just means we realize our differences. Many of us in the Independent Industry are "Divergent" thinkers.

Those in the Business world are "Convergent" thinkers. Neither is better than the other but when a convergent thinker needs to make money from the work of a divergent thinker it causes frustration on both sides.   

The lawyers (convergent thinkers) set up contracts and clauses that allow them to do what they want often excluding the divergent, creative thinker from the money because to them money is the most important reason for getting into the music industry.   

Watch this - it opened my eyes to why I am the way I am. It returned to me my self-esteem and self-confidence. 

That video showed me the difference between creative people and money people. It discusses the difficulties of making money and why creatives end up getting taken advantage of by money people and why the mainstream music industry runs the way it does. It talks - at the end - specifically about musicians.  

The world needs creative people. The money people need creative people. When money people get rich it is on the backs of creative people. What you do is valuable - You are valuable. Keep doing what you are doing as an independent. 

Accept your fate because the world is run by money people who think they are the important ones but they would be nowhere without you.  

Let's do this - Let’s change our world. Let's bring back creativity and integrity to the music industry
Sincerely,  Michael Wallick

Contact me 404-804-6043 - This is going to be a wild ride!!! If you want to be a part of this contact me!!! 

List of Artists and Personalities Involved

Dar Ra  Rytious
Katye Kylie and The Interruption  

BMT Music Promotions  

Second Player Score  

Jimmy Star at World Star PR - and his Artists  

Hats off Gentlemen it's Adequate
Kish Kollektiv 

Operation Neptune Spear 


The JJ Kane Show
The Metal Byrds
Zach Moonshine and Metal Devastation Radio
The Pauley Lane Band
Rubber Clown Car
Bad Mary Band
John Talley
Paul Walker Experience
We Are M.I.L.K.
Clare Estelle
The Rose Bud
Susan's Music Page
Justnice Battle
Arnold Nelson
Flat Moon
King Vanucci
Neil Taylor
The Worst - Band
Swirl The Band

The La La Lettes



5/22/2020 - I will be reaching out to you all individually for interviews and making a schedule.

    5/22/20 - My computer took a crap - it is out to Dell for repairs - Skype interviews will start when I get it back, about two weeks.      

5.23.2020 - Trying to make money is a pain in the butt. I have stress issues and the stress of making money - for me - is not worth it. At this point I am not concerned with making money. I just want to build something meaningful. 

I have made promotional videos using your music and youtube always want to make sure I am not making money - I get copyright notices from the services you guys have your music listed with. As long as I am not making money there is no issue.  

 5.24.2020 - If you want to make money - Find a sponsor - Get them to support you - you can talk about them in your interviews and video introductions. I do not want a piece of what you make from your work.

5.25.2020 - Everything I use - you have submitted to me voluntarily understanding what we are trying to build so getting involved implies your agreement to me using your material.  If you do not own the rights to your music and videos you need to inform those who do and get their permission. If you get sponsors - those who own the rights to your music and videos will want a cut. You are responsible for your legalities. I am using your material on good faith that you own the rights to what you have created.  If you are on my music blog - you have submitted your material voluntarily and you agree I can use the materials you send me for promotional purposes. I do not use your work for my profit.

Michaels Musc Blog - Change The World Show



Music Can Change the World Show

Two Hour Show Format

Introduction to the show content - Issues being discussed from the news
Artist Introduction to Video
Music Video

Video Interview with an Artist - 15 minutes
Artist Plays Live

Artist Introduction to Video
Music Video

Interview with Atlanta Local - 15 minutes
Artist introduction to the music video
Music Video

Artist Introduction to Music Video
Music Video

Part Two

Interview with Artist - 15 minutes
Artist Plays Live

Artist Introduction to Video
Music Video

Video Interview with Atlanta local - 15 Minutes

Artist Into to music Video

Music Video

Interview with Atlanta Local - 15 minutes

Artist Introduction to music Video

Music Video

Artist Into to Music Video
Music Video

Summary and Closing Comments
Artist Introduction to Video
Music Video

Artists can contribute video commentary of the topics they like - please make them less than 5 minutes

The artist intro to the music Videos are an artist recording or do and a video interview with me on the song in the video, the inspiration, the topic, a story about making the video

My interviews are about 15 minutes

Artists allow me to use Videos for the show

Topics are taken from the news and include Politics, and World Events with discussions on how the media spins the news to manipulate us, polarizes and divides and conquers us - this can go into conspiracy theories - opinions on what is going on in the world. Also includes what we can do for ourselves to keep from giving in - How we can positively control our own lives and attitudes - How we focus on what we believe and how we use the power of music to create a better life for ourselves despite what is going on in the news.