Katye Kylie and The Interruption

How long have you been performing under your present name?
As Kaytee Kellye, 35+ years. With the Interruption, since 2018. Katye Kylie and The Interruption 

What genre would you call your music?  
Generally, I chafe at locking us into a genre, but I’d say Alternative with      Punk, Classic Rock, Folk, Blues, and Power Pop influences.

Who are your major influences?
The Who, Jefferson Airplane, Carole King, “Wall of Sound” girl groups, The Ramones, The Clash

How old were you when you started following a musician’s path?
I’ve been writing my music since I was about 14 – it’s how I make sense of the world. We’re all long-time musicians.

Tell me a funny story that has happened to you as you have traveled to play.   None with this band, but years ago, in a band I was in college when getting ready to load out, we opened the back of the truck (we didn’t lock it since it was empty) and three drunk couples were having an orgy in the back there, and didn’t even notice at first that we’d opened the back of the truck until one of them felt a cold breeze across their bare bum!  Another good one was trying to load a drum set into the back seat of an NYC  Checker cab in the early 1980s. 

Where would you like to be in five years?    
Probably right here, but I think we’d all like to be semi-retired from our day jobs and making more music.

What inspires you to write? Everything.
I  write based on experiences – my own, and stories I’ve heard from other people.

What is your philosophy of life and how does it affect your music?
Try to help others – life is short. I’ve written songs about mental health issues, romantic partner abuse, acquaintance rape, veteran suicide, and rescue dogs.

Please add the names of the places you have played and the city they are in.
All around Asbury Park, NJ, including      The Saint, House of Independents, Stone Pony, Wonder Bar, Asbury Lanes,      Langosta Lounge, Asbury Park Yacht Club, The Danny Clinch Transparent      Gallery, among others.

Do you have any causes that tug at your heartstrings, or that you support? Abused pets, world peace organization, save the whales, etc…
A lot of my songs are based on topics like intimate partner abuse. We are brand ambassadors for Accessory Allies, a company that donates significant portions of their profits to organizations that provide services to victims of intimate partner and sexual abuse. I rescue dogs and support historic preservation.

Do you have any new releases coming out?
 “Late Bloomer” (LP) late 2019

What is your upcoming performance schedule?
9/28 Neptune (NJ) Performing Arts Center, 11/3 NYC Marathon 

Katye Kylie and The Interuruption


Katye Kellye and The Interruption - You're All That I Want In This World (Live) Espresso Joe's


 Katye Kellye and The Interruption Disclaimer (Live) The Saint, Asbury Park NJ 11.21.19