The Pauley Lane Band

1. Who are the members of your band and what are their musical backgrounds?
Wyatt Pauley: vocals /singer/guitar/songwriter/producer
Richard Pistocchi : vocals/drums/perc.
Douglas-Paul: vocals & bass guitar
Cedrik Rowland: vocals

2. How long have you been in the music industry?
I have been making records for the past 25 years, Was signed to Atlantic rec. 1991 Jan. (Linear) for two albums linear (self-titled) And Linear “Caught in the middle”
From there got picked up again by Atlantic/Big Beat rec. with the band “Soko” 1995
In 1997 sold a compilation for Hot Records called “The Best of Wyatt Pauley & Friends”
1998 went on the road with a band called King Bria & produced their first Album “Around the block in 80 days” opening for Atlantic acts such as Edwin Mcain & Hootie & the blowfish/Kansas/Brother Cain….etc. till about 2000
In 2012 after a long break from the music business, recorded an album just for fun or a goof if you will, Pauley Lane spawned from there, basically a kick to the head of the record co.
“Songs my Daughter gave me” ran into to Twitter @wyattpauley by mistake and discovered that goofy first recorded album, was getting a big response in the UK
Made a second effort Pauley Lane “Long road to the middle” band not Happy with sophomore effort, then Pauley Lane band was discovered by Index Records UK, who signed the band right away. With a compilation of both albums called “Dog Days “ got worldwide distribution and inked a publishing deal, Now out with Pauley Lane Band “Out of Necessity” present….

3. How long have you been performing under your present name?
Pauley Lane Band has been together for 2012 to present slowly finding footing in the UK. The band finally said well go figure …did a promo tour of England, for Radio Stations and press in 2019, and tv That’s Manchester….

4. What genre would you call your music?
Americana/indie Rock

5. Who are your major influences?
Ryan Adams, Wilco, The Replacements, Steely Dan, The Black Crowes, and other R & B Bands such as “Earth, Wind, and Fire… Gap Band.

6. How old were you when you started following a musician’s path?
Started playing guitar at 17 years old, Navy was in the interest of my Father, passed all of their tets very difficult I must add lol, decided to pass on the Navy ….so Old man said, of to University I became a music Major, got asked to play on a couple of records for producer Tolga Katas,
Pauley not knowing who he was not impressed by this time Tolga had produced Stevie B’s first album yielded 3 top ten singles in the US so joined the Tolga camp ….since he was a signed artist on cutting records/polygram.

7. Tell me a funny story that has happened to you as you have traveled to play.
Once in the band Soko stopped before a roadblock in N.C. got off the interstate, to throw our stash away (cannabis), we put it in a Gatorade bottle, and tossed it in the rubbish, coming back from Iowa, to return to the same truck stop by pure coincidence….Richard said this is the same place …of course we thought he’s nuts, sure enough, he went into the rubbish can in the back of the building and Lord behold he found it….lol needless to say the Band had a great ride home back to south Florida.
8. Where would you like to be in five years? Loaded question hopefully, living in so. of France.

9. What inspires you to write? A funny story, my friend's indiscretions, a refrain, the news an image of a beautiful woman….anything if your open to the idea…

10. What is your philosophy of life and how does it affect your music? Mine would be to leave a great catalog of music for generations to discover when I'm long and gone, so my friends can visit me any time they want…..and for my daughter to have a great story of a real musician and ups and downs. How much sacrifice it took to get there, friends, and family indirectly hurting others for my craft, maybe then they will realize what I was doing for that time….

11. Please add the names of the places you have played and the city they are in. for starters NYC, Roseland ballroom, Ritz, Palladium, Westbury music Fair…L.A. The Greek theater, The Palace, Knots berry farm… Hard Rock in Singapore, Chile, Colombia, Rio de Janeiro…

12. Do you have any causes that tug at your heartstrings, or that you support? Abused pets, world peace organization, save the whales, etc…:: ASPCA….ST. Jude’s Children Hospital

13. Do you have any new releases coming out? Pauley Lane Band “Out of Necessity” out right now in all your digital outlets…..go get it lol 

14. What is your upcoming performance schedule? Well, this month to the day we’re booked at world-famous Abbey Road Studios for a live album and a tour of the UK…but due to circumstances to COVID-19….all got postponed …till next year ….unfortunately.

Twitter: @wyattpauley

Instagram: Linearbandwyatt…

Pauley Lane Band


Mary Jane"  - Pauley Lane Band


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