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Its hooky yet hard-edged, guitar-driven music experience!  Harken to the days of Bad Finger and The Move, influences of The Kinks, The WHO to Cheap Trick and The Knack; a RetroFuture sound of that 70’s and early 80’s genre, Power POP is everything a genre could be, from the heavy arena-rock hook to the cooing, teenybopper-friendly verses, and chorus.  VIX 20 is bringing back one of the first postmodern music genres  The current hits out are full of catchy, melodic hooks and energetic moods …DIGITAL AGE & ANGLE ON MY JET SKI  take you back to the days of that 45″ to the days of let’s listen to the first song than “on the flip side”   The songs hybrid style of pop and punk with a bit of Rock is experimental of a stylistic melodic distant alternative to prog and the hippy troubadours, but an oddball cousin to glam.
VIX20 with their Brit Power POP music is feel-good, a foot-tapping musical excursion that keeps you coming back for more. New music is due out in August make sure and stay tuned for that.
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Vix Twenty - Tron Takes The Train SYNTHWAVE


 Vix Twenty - The Digital Age